Undergraduate Teaching

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Guttman Community College

Quantitative Reasoning II | Spring 2019

Quantitative Reasoning II is about (1) finding the math in our daily lives; (2) really understanding what that math means; (3) knowing how to use that math convincingly; (4) communicating that math effectively; (5) and documenting your work well. I call these five core QR skills The QR-5TM.

See syllabus

Guttman Community College:

Statistics | Fall 2018

My goal in this course was to help students enjoy the process of learning statistics in three concrete ways: (1) by building a solid foundation of knowledge (the whats and whys) and skill (the hows) in basic statistical methods and their applications in the real world; (2) by helping students see the value of gaining the above mentioned statistical knowledge and skill (the what-fors); (3) by working on gaining knowledge and skill as a supportive and collaborative community of learners committed to success as our only possible outcome. See syllabus

City University of New York: Hunter College

Statistics | Fall 2012, Spring 2013

This course covered descriptive and inferential statistics, including frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, sampling, probability and the normal distribution, and tests of hypothesis such as: t-tests, ANOVA, chi-squared, linear correlation and regression. Study designs (observational and experimental) were also addressed. See syllabus