• Mani-Jade Garcia

What It Means to Be a Black, Indigenous, Latino (The Xylom story)

I recently had the great pleasure of sharing what it means for me to identify as Black, Indigenous, Latino with The Xylom. This is my first written story to be published after hundreds of submissions over the last few years. Yay! Working with The Xylom founder and editor Alex Ip was an absolute pleasure. Alex LISTENS without push-back and worked carefully and conscientiously to make my piece stronger. I also love how Alex incorporates images from contributors into their pieces. As a visual communicator and artist, using images of my choice in the piece really helped me express myself more completely. It doesn’t take perfection to support #BlackPeople. It takes willingness to listen & work WITH us. Thank you Alex!

Writing this story was an act of generosity. As a further act of generosity I also donated this story to the New-York Historical Society's History Responds initiative. .

Please read and share. And if you can share some love on my Patreon account that would be wonderful. I would love to discuss this piece with others and receive feedback, with some important caveats. I am open to constructive feedback from #Black #Indigenous and #Latino #Latina #Latinx people. Anyone else this is your time to LISTEN, share, elevate, etc. (I am only saying this ONCE!). Thank you!

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