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you do not get the power of your vision until you perform it on the earth for the people to see! — black elk speaks.


image 1 (on the left) shows attempt 1 of n to create a pottery bowl like the oval bowl with tabular handles in image 2 (on the right), presented in the book tainos: arte y sociedad. the book explains that the triangular designs are a stylized suggestion of winged bats, which are central in taino creation stories and belief. for attempt one i used thicker clay and more square-like handles to get the hang of working with this shape for the first time. i am looking forward to seeing this fired and to more attempts

replica: attempt 1


«volver a vivir» is my first #CeramicSculpture. the glazing came out much better than expected. the emerging face represents my journey into learning more about my #taino ancestry. knowledge is emerging and still so much is not yet clear.