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I am a trilingual (English, American Sign Language, Spanish) Black-Indigenous-Latino; psychological scientist-practitioner; passionate science communicator; sign language interpreter; group fitness instructor; certified holistic yoga teacher; artist; writer; musician; and proud father.

I am interested in improving access to physical and mental health education, assessment, and interventions for underserved groups—always in close partnership with the communities I serve. I utilize digital research methods and cognitive-affective-social neuroscience methods heavily to engage in and inform my research and practice. My current goals are: (1) to streamline the dissemination of best practices and resources across cultures using valid, sustainable, and open methods; (2) to creatively use and develop digital tools that help educators, researchers, and practitioners meet their goals faster and better (e.g. accessible smart phone apps, wearable psychophysiology devices); and (3) finally, I am passionate about improving statistical and data analysis education for all.